Throughout its much celebrated history, Sara Bay Country Club has been the scene of many extraordinary affairs, but it’s doubtful that any surpassed the brilliance and excitement of this year’s Association Holiday Social.

For months this event was the object of much anticipation and when the announcement finally arrived, the number who desired to attend far exceeded the club’s accommodations. Regrettably, officials of the Association had to stop accepting reservation when the number reached 140.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, the tables were festively decorated in red and white with fresh green sprays in the center. The social began at 6:00 and after a brief introduction by the hostess of the evening Lynn Logsdon, and remarks by the Association’s President Jeff Rainwater and incoming President Bill Espy, dinner began promptly at 6:30.

The joy of the evening, which maintained a quieter tone during the dinner period, was balanced by acoustic Latin Jazz music beautifully performed by Joe and Dean. Praises were on the tongues of many as diners enjoyed the many Italian- themed culinary delights prepared by the Clubs renowned chef Jim Moore and his skilled assistants.   The evening concluded with a raffle in which a number of lucky people took home nice gifts.

Kudos to Lynn Logsdon and her adept assistants Jeff Rainwater and Marnie Matarese who arranged this superb gala with the most effective skill and taste. Thanks also to Logsdon Productions, J.Wood Realty, and SaraBay Real Estate for sponsoring portions of the event.